Video game box art can often not be fully appreciated, as it is obstructed by logos and text. And due to box format restrictions, it can be significantly cropped. The purpose of this website is to show the full art, text-free and logo-free. And to credit the artists.

As the idea progressed, the focus expanded beyond box art. Not least because an increasing number of games is only distributed digitally. Moreso, publishers or developers often produce several pieces of high-quality art for marketing and other purposes.

All images come from authoritative sources. You're not served files found somewhere on the Internet.

There are no ads on this website. Instead, links to online stores are occasionally posted in a separate section. Usually those links point to relevant art books, which often contain the very art displayed. Upon purchase at few stores, a small percentage of the proceeds goes to this website. (Your price doesn't change.)

Send in mail to mail@boxplusart.com.